About COMPlog

COMPlog is an easy to use semi-automated system for fast, precise standardised measurements of clinical Visual Acuity. 

COMPlog combines the usability of a Snellen chart and the precision of a logMAR chart. Semi automated acuity tests are run to user defined parameters with automated termination and calculation of the acuity score.  

With validated reliability the scores can be automatically interfaced with EMR databases saving time and avoiding transcription error.  The system has minimal training requirements and provides the full range of Refraction and Orthoptic support required in a busy clinic.

COMPlog is in use in Eye Clinics Worldwide.

The video above is a 1 minute 43 introduction to COMPlog.  The second more detailed video is a deeper dive into COMPlog functionality and use, and provides a good start to training as well as a more detailed demonstration.

System requirements: Windows PC and 24 inch secondary monitor (System Requirements).